Windshield Replacement Farmington

Windshield Replacement in Farmington NM

So if you have decided that a repair is not going to do the trick, you count on the professional services of Farmington Mobile Windshield Services to provide  the high quality windshield replacement you are searching for. You can trust our expertise, and fast, professional service to put you back in your vehicle fast. Farmington roadways will look so much better when we are done! 


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Car Window Replacement

Any Make or Model?

You want a great Techna Glass experience. We provide you service that will install your replacement with the utmost care regardless of the type of vehicle you drive. As you know, some windshields have rain sensors and/or defrost features that make your car convenient and safe. You want your glass repair guy to properly identify these features on your vehicle so these features are not compromised. You need those important features to work properly. This is an example of why you want TechaGlass  to do the work. Our service guys are dedicated to meeting any need. We take the time to assess your vehicle's safety features and process the order correctly.

We identify the exact windshield for your vehicle and review the functions. Our turn around time for replacement is quick. Try our mobile windshield replacement service. Your vehicle doesn’t even have to leave the driveway! We will come to you!


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Rear Window Repair or Replacement

Selection of Glass

There are a couple of different options available in the Farmington area for  windshield replacement. Some of our customers ask about getting OEM (original equipment manufacturer) glass put into their vehicles. We tell them that we are happy to get it for them, BUT first we explain this: the only difference between OEM glass and standard glass is the label. Yep, that's it. The glass manufacturer either stamped the glass with the auto maker's brand or they didnt.

The OEM brand will cost you an extra $200.


There you have it - the cost difference is in the brand, not the glass. Yep, the same glass maker, makes BMW glass and standard glass. The glass is the same quality. OEM glass has a fancy brand on it that standard glass does not. We were pretty sure you'd want to know that BEFORE you ask us to quote your glass. We work with the largest suppliers in the industry, so no matter type of glass you choose, you can get it through us. Call us now for your auto glass replacement costs!


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Power Window Repair Farmington NM

Power Window Repair

WHOA! Not cool when your power window fails to go up or down! We get it... and we can help. W have learned that over the course of time, your Power Window may fail. Does it seem like it has come off the track? Is it not opening or closing anymore? Does it seem to be stuck or broken? Well, it might be broken. When your power window starts moving slowly or makes a sharp sound and drops down inside the door, you need  to call us. More than likely you have a broken power window regulator or "window motor".  


Sadly, its the newer vehicles that have this problem the most. WHY? It's because they have plastic power window regulators or rather, they have plastic parts in them that dry out and become brittle faster than the older ones. Yep, that is why they break or fail much sooner now days. Sound familiar? If you are like most vehicle owners, you probably assumed that you need to take your vehicle in to the  dealership or auto repair shop to get this fixed. STOP!! DONT DO IT! TechnaGlass will fix a  broken power window for a fraction of what your dealership or auto mechanic will charge! Call us today to get an estimate!


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Auto Glass Replacement Farmington NM

Rear Glass and Back Slider Repair

Lets face it, your rear glass or broken back slider is pretty important too.  If your rear auto glass is just cracked, we might be able to repair it (please refer to #3 to help you decide). BUT if it has shattered, we will need to special order your new glass. Typically, this takes a day to get in and then we can schedule your service. We can replace rear window glass in 1-2 days.


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Car Window Replacement Farmington NM

Quick Professional Service

When your new glass comes in, we will call you immediately to set a date and time for the windshield replacement. We offer our service by mobile means so you don’t have to drive anymore with damaged glass. Once on site, our glass guys go right to work.  You will get a fast replacement, that will put you back on the road. FMWR understands how important your vehicle is to you. Call us for a free estimate or click to get a windshield quote.